Our Beliefs

SummerHaven Investment Management is a quantitative investment manager of commodity futures. We aim to provide our clients diversified commodities exposure with attractive risk-adjusted returns and low correlation to traditional asset classes. Our team has extensive experience in commodities trading, investment management, and has been recognized for its contributions to academic research on commodities investing.

Commodity futures are an asset class that is distinct from traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds, and their complexity requires specialized expertise in research and trading. We believe it is possible to identify long-term sources of returns in commodity futures markets based on fundamental signals about the underlying physical markets. We combine our fundamental signals with disciplined execution.

Our investment process uses robust portfolio construction rules and risk controls that are responsive to changes in the market environment. We continually review and periodically update our strategies based on ongoing research and developing opportunities. Like the commodity markets in which we specialize, we seek to offer our investors a high degree of transparency and liquidity.

Commodity Futures Are An Asset Class That Is Distinct From Traditional Markets And Their Complexity Requires Specialized Expertise In Research And Trading.