Our People

Our firm's partners include people from academia, traders, fund managers and business builders with track record of success.


  • Ashraf R. Rizvi

    Ashraf is responsible for all trading for SummerHaven, and he has more than 25 years experience in trading and trading management. Ashraf was previously Deputy Head of Global Commodities for UBS, where he managed a global team of more than 50 senior personnel trading commodities including energy, agricultural and metals products.

  • Joseph J. Schultz

    Joe is Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for supervising SummerHaven’s day-to-day operations. He has more than 20 years experience in operations and business management. Joe was previously a Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Basso Capital Management, L.P.

  • K. Geert Rouwenhorst, Ph.D.

    Geert leads our research effort and has developed the pioneering research and theories that underpin SummerHaven’s investment strategy. He is known worldwide for his research on commodity futures returns, and is co-author of Facts and Fantasies about Commodity Futures (2004) and The Fundamentals of Commodity Futures Returns (2007). He is currently Professor of Finance and Deputy Dean at Yale School of Management.

  • Kurt J. Nelson

    Kurt manages investor relations for SummerHaven. He previously ran the commodity index business for UBS and led the successful effort to acquire and integrate AIG’s commodity index business. Prior to joining UBS, Kurt structured commodity index and equity derivative solutions for clients of AIG Financial Products.